Albuquerque Wrap-up

Today was my last day in the studio and I feel good about what I have accomplished in the last month.  I met some very talented New Mexican printmakers who were very welcoming.  Here are just a few.

On the left is Regina, the director of New Grounds Print Workshop.  She has created a fabulous facility for making prints using non-toxic methods.  On the right is Ren who assists in the studios, galleries and office.  She is a wealth of information about processes and procedures at the studio which was very helpful for me.


Below on the left is Elaine with whom I shared a studio a couple times a week.  We traded lots of Netflix recommendations!  On the right is Pam, a very excited expectant mother who also assists in the studio.


Here are my latest prints for a grand total of 10 for the month.  I will tweak them after I get home and print some editions, maybe introduce some color so some.  We’ll see….





1 thought on “Albuquerque Wrap-up

  1. Linda Rosenheim

    Hi Joan,
    I’m so glad you’ve had such a rewarding month there. Looking forward to speaking with you and to another of your NYC visits!


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