Top Chef in San Miguel

The popular television show, Top Chef, filmed their last three episodes of this season in San Miguel.  If you are not familiar with the show, shown on Bravo, it is a cooking competition between talented young chefs.  Every week one of the chefs is eliminated in the competition.  In  episodes 13, they were down to 4 chefs, episode 14 had 3 chefs, and the last episode with 2 chefs determined the final winner who recieved $125,000.00.  You can stream these episodes at:
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15

(Note: I took most of these images off the internet.)

In Episode 13, the first cooking contest is held in the plaza in front of the Parroquia.  IMG_5500


Below is Mei.  She ultimately won the title of “Top Chef.”Untitled-3


Then the next cook-off was held on a plaza of the Instituto Allende, several blocks from the centro.

These are the four finalists: L – R: Gregory, Melissa, Mei, and DougUntitled-2


Each of the four chefs were paired with a San Miguel Artist and the challenge was to prepare a dish inspired by the artists’ work.  Here are the results:

Gregory was paired with artist, Artemio Sepulvida.

Mei was paired with Bea Aaronson.

Melissa was paired with Leonardo Diaz.

Doug was paired with Merry Calderoni.  Doug won the competition!

There are lots of ways that food and art can interact.  And here is a print that I exhibited at the Newport RI Art Museum last year with the Boston Printmakers in an exhibit titled, Palate to Plate.  It is titled, Caprese Salad.



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