This Weekend in the Jardin

Both Valentine’s Day and Carnaval were celebrated on Saturday and Sunday in the center of San Miguel this weekend, drawing lots of tourists from surrounding regions of Mexico.  The Jardin was packed with people and hearts, flowers, and mariachis were in abundance for the lovers while the kids celebrated Carnaval by smashing eggshells filled with confetti on each other’s heads.

(Notice people wearing jackets – it’s been cold this week.)

IMG_5508 IMG_5555
And lots of vendors were selling bright, colorful toys and souvenirs.
IMG_5505 IMG_5512
nd everywhere, people were taking “selfies.”
IMG_5528 IMG_5525 IMG_5539 IMG_5534 IMG_5541

3 thoughts on “This Weekend in the Jardin

  1. Brooke Hammerle

    Hi Joan,

    It is so refreshing to see color. Everywhere here is white, gray or black. The light at night over all that snow is luminous however, enjoyable when it is not windy.

    Best, Brooke


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