I am now settled into my apartment in San Miguel de Allende for two months, and one of the first things I did was visit Juarez Park, a green oasis, several acres in size, located a couple of blocks from the center of town.  It has meandering paths, fountains, bridges, a basketball court, wrought iron benches, a playground, and a picnic area that is enjoyed everyday by both locals and visitors. Many functions take place on the basketball court, such as zumba and tai chi on weekend mornings and concerts and dancing in the evenings. Elsewhere in the park on weekends artists set up displays to sell their work. Daily, the park is used by walkers, joggers, dog walkers, and anyone who wants to enjoy the lushness of the beautiful landscaping.  The park is very popular.


The park is also the setting for Candelaria, a celebration that takes place 40 days after Christmas when priests bless candles.  February 2 is also when people begin renewing their gardens.  The celebration takes place for one week when  vendors set up their garden materials in the park.  Numerous pathways are filled with an extensive array of trees, shrubs, flowers, pots, and gardening supplies.  It is the equivalent to our spring garden shows in the US. And it is a joy to meander through taking in all the colors, textures and scents.

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO ALL MY FRIENDS IN NEW ENGLAND as a reminder that spring will eventually come! Hang in there.










5 thoughts on “Dia de Candelaria

  1. Brooke Hammerle

    Hi Joan,

    Thought I would write and let you know what you’re missing here in little ol Rody. Life in the snow belt!

    …It is snowing again, another 7-12inches through tomorrow and we”re supposed to get more later in the week. I’m sure your friends are regaling you with snow stories….like, now, where are we going to put it! Landscape of huge islands of snow in parking lots.

    Thank you for pics of tropical foliage. It reminds me that I am a member of the Botanical Conservancy at Roger Williams Park. I can escape winter by getting away to the tropics in the greenhouse. What a pleasure to have to take your coat off..and shoes…

    Cheers, Brooke


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