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Underwater photography by Rob

I neglected to mention that my friends, Rob and Diane, are accomplished scuba divers and have dove in waters all over the world.  Rob takes gorgeous photos – here are some of his images from the South Pacific.


IMG_3581  IMG_3671 IMG_3836   IMG_3967 IMG_3906



I’m visiting my friends, Diane and Rob, in Ft. Myers before traveling on to Mexico tomorrow. While Rhode Island has been experiencing a blizzard and very low temps, the weather here has been sunny and warm.  How lucky am I!

Diane is a very talented artist who has worked in jewelry and painting, but now is concentrating on ceramics. She sells her wonderful fishes and Sea Spirits in a gallery on Captiva Island.  Here she is arranging her display.



Here are a couple of her paintings.


IMG_5385This is Rob. During his retirement he has become an extraordinary gardener and baker.  His baked specialities include calzone, biscotti, and wine biscuits along with other delectable goodies.  Did I mention that he is Italian?