Spring is here!

There are several signs around town that spring is here.  First is the parade of hundreds of pre-school and lower grade children from communities in the region that always takes place on March 21.  These costumed children are dressed as animals, insects, butterflies, princesses, and other natural creatures.  The kids are adorable – oh, so cute! – and the crowds of spectators include large extended families.






New costume categories this year included fruits, farmers with milk cans and cows, and sea creatures including shells and mermaids.




The second sign of spring here is the blooming of the Jacaranda trees that create a lavender haze across the cityscape.  This picture was taken with an overcast sky.  When the sun is shining, the lavender blooms sparkle!


I also know it is spring when the ladies of San Juan de Dio Church prepare and sell special fried pastries eaten only during Lent.


And last week I discovered a newly planted garden.  Planting a salad and herb garden in the bed of a truck makes sense because to water it means only driving through a car wash.  Then when you go on a picnic or are invited to a potluck dinner, fresh salad is right there!  (The mushrooms are plastic.)



2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. smhsblog

    weds, March 26, 11am…the wind is howling here on Cape Cod as I look at 5 inches of wet, heavy snow…so enjoy the sunshine in Mexico-no need to hurry back home!


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