San Miguel de Allende Printmakers (SMAP)

Two years ago I met several printmakers here in San Miguel and we formed a group.  Today we have 12 members that include part and full-time US residents and Mexican nationals.  We meet during the winter months to organize exhibits and other activities and to network and share.  We also have a website:

So far, we have exhibited as a group at an international print conference in Milwaukee, at a gallery in Providence, a gallery in Mazatlan, MX, and upcoming will be a gallery in Detroit in conjunction with a regional print conference.  We also have some other exciting prospects on the horizon.

Here are some members of the group.

IMG_0916Julio Quintauillo and Mary Lou Lipkin

Untitled-1Hugo Anaya and El Pinche Grabodor with Susan Dorf

Untitled-4aKathleen Cammarata and I attending an opening reception for Linda Soberman’s exhibit at the Queretaro Museum of Art.

Here are some of their prints.

LindaSobermanQuestioning Identities by Linda Soberman

etween Two Worlds by Hugo Anaya

What She Carries by Susan Dorf

From Kathleen Cammarata’s solo show, “other realities”

Castillo by Karen von Felten


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